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BATIK SEMAR is one of Indonesian biggest batik company, established on 1947 by Kasigit family, based in small city called Solo. Solo city itself is a famous city with their long history of the traditional clothing. Their goal in developing this kind of business is to help the persistent of Indonesian art culture. Batik is an art work that needs lots of skill, hard and dilligent work.

At first, BATIK SEMAR was known as BATIK BODRONOYO. The name was changed to BATIK SEMAR in the later stage, in order to boast the popularity in the society since Semar is a highly well known person in an ancient Indonesian puppet called “Wayang” , being honored as “ BATARA ISMAYA “ as the oldest of a family of 5 soldiers called Pandawa.

In the company point of view, SEMAR is an acronym and stands for :
* S = Sarwi – together
* E = Ening – holy
* M = Marsudi – struggling
* A = Ajuning – development
* R = Rasa – art
The general meaning is Struggling continuously to develop ‘batik’ in a right manner, helping the culture to persist in the real world.

When it was first established, BATIK SEMAR only produced ‘batik tulis’, batik that made by hand. The intended customers were middle to high society profile due to the expensive production cost.


Starting on 1952, the production was improved by producing ‘stamped batik’, which is batik made by stamping a particular batik style to a cloth.In 1974, a new kid was born. Printed batik had emerged as the most popular batik cloth, due to cheap cost and easy production process. Supported by this new type of batik, BATIK SEMAR was developing fast and producing much more variety of clothes and colors.

Besides being a profitable company, BATIK SEMAR also take care of society needs by creating a lot of job opportunities. Batik Semar has involved in lots of fashion shows in many cities in Indonesia so that batik, one of Indonesia’s culture, will be more famous in Indonesia’s society. BATIK SEMAR also makes a partnership with The National Export Development Company, The National Department of Trading for International market.



Develop traditional art culture, that is ‘batik’ to be more well known in the world and improve the culture to be modern ‘batik’ without ignoring the original idea of ‘batik’.Producing high quality ‘batik’ constantly, giving the best services in order to place ‘batik’ in a honorable place in the society, and establishing proud feeling for consumers.